Are you Counting Down the Days Until Christmas?

By OrangeHRM | Published on 7 dic. 2017 | minute read

The countdown to the festive season start months in advance, and so does planning for it - and it's now very close by! However, this can impact many organizations in terms of productivity. How can organizations still hit their targets and remain efficient with their workforce applying for leave left, right and centre? This can also give managers the extra workload of working out cover or resource for those individuals in the team who are on leave. To manage employee leave requests quickly and easily, and at the same time ensure resource is allocated, organizations should take advantage of HR Management Software that can handle the workload for them.

Why OrangeHRM?

Solutions such as OrangeHRM are all about making people’s lives easier - removing administrative tasks and allowing organizations to focus on their people and talent.  OrangeHRM has a handy tool as part of their new product release to help with just that.

What Is Leave Nominee?

Employees can now utilize the 'Leave Nominee' tool, part of OrangeHRM's Leave Management module - offering the possibility of nominating employees to handle the workload during an employee’s absence. Employees can assign up to 3 alternative colleagues to look after their work ( subject to approval of course!) 

Benefits of Using Leave Nominee Forward Planning 

The festive season is just one example of where organizations may struggle with juggling employee leave. Summer vacations or other religious celebrations may impact organizations differently, depending on their geographical location. Organizations can now plan for the future easily, and allocate resources quickly using this intuitive tool. Allowing employees to assign colleagues to cover their workload means the team can plan in advance priorities to ensure the resource is covered. 

  • Consistent productivity - When employees go on leave, team members are often left with picking up the pieces, and are in the dark when it comes to knowing what work needs to be completed, and by when. The possibility of assigning resources when employees are on leave in advance means that productivity levels will remain high and not impact an organization's performance. 
  • Effective real-time communication - Communication is key in order to remain productive. However, within a large organization sometimes this can be a difficult task, especially when teams are operating in different locations. When employees use the Leave Nominee tool by OrangeHRM, the assigned colleagues will be notified, along with the reporting line manager. They are able to reject or approve the nominations. The Leave Nominee feature also allows for notes to be included, for example, deadlines or specific details for projects. This means that everyone will be aware of who is responsible for certain tasks, and fully ' in the know' in regards to project deadlines or priorities.

To learn more about how OrangeHRM can help you and your organization with Leave Managementbook your FREE demo here and we can show you the Leave Nominee tool and other features that could be beneficial. Or why not watch our 3-minute video tutorial here.