Contributors for OrangeHRM from SERC, Lahore-Pakistan

By OrangeHRM | Published on 14 jul. 2009 | minute read

A group of students from the Software Engineering Research Center, National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences, Lahore Campus, Lahore Pakistan opted to help OrangeHRM in its quest and have been working with us since January 2009. Being ranked as one of the top Pakistani Universities OrangeHRM is happy to share the knowledge with fellow students and enhance their capabilities working on real time projects. “It is a great opportunity to communicate, coordinate and learn from people with a socio-cultural background different from ours. Plus the concept of world becoming a global village thanks to the advancement in communication brought about by the use of internet, with people sitting in different parts of the world with different time zones, working together, is an awesome experience. Working on assignments and projects would not have given us the level of maturity that comes along contributing in industrial strength software like OrangeHRM. We have had immense learning and understanding of php and MVC architecture, plus the software engineering practices being used by OrangeHRM especially the concept of Test Driven Development. The simplicity of the application architecture of OrangeHRM made it easy for us to understand the flow of events and other technicalities. Support and help from the community is simply great. The feedback on the code submitted has been very useful”, said Burhan Rasool, their Senior Research Officer. SERC Team Top Row (left to right): Salman Hamdullah (Standing), Zain-ul-Hassan Second Row (left to right): Adeel Khan, Burhan Rasool, Tooba Aslam, Fariha Ijaz, Tariq Naeem Bottom Row (Sitting left to right): Usman Arham, Nauman Ahmad, Ibtisam-ul-Haq, Afraz Ali, Kamran Lodhi