Courts of Uganda Goes Live - Launch of New Judiciary Performance Innovations

By OrangeHRM | Published on 18 feb. 2019 | minute read

Launch of New Judiciary Performance Innovations

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OrangeHRM “Performance Management Module” served the Republic of Uganda with a relevant and resourceful opportunity to evaluate the judges' performance every year.

The project is for the Judiciary, The Republic of Uganda, where the government of Uganda required a new judiciary innovation to enhance performance & access to justice.

In respect of this OrangeHRM introduced their feature rich 360 Performance Management module for the Republic of Uganda to review Judge Performance. Their performance will be determined by Key Performance Indicator, competencies ( Core and Non-Core) where ratings will be given by the supervisor, Peer, Subordinates, Advocates, Prosecutors, and the public.

  1. Define Competencies - This will differ based on the judges position

  2.  Define KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator ) for each individual judge separately

  3. Revisions and 360 workflows. Configure evaluations with 360 feedback and give control to the principal evaluations for evaluations