Embrace the Future with VAS 7.11: What's in Store?

By OrangeHRM | Published on 9 nov. 2023 | minute read

As an organization dedicated to bringing you the best resources for your people management, OrangeHRM is here to help you manage your HR processes better. In our latest 7.11 Value Added Services (VAS) update we bring a list of improvements that will enhance efficiency and the user experience leading to a transformative HR experience within your organization.

VAS 7.11 Updates


  • Configurable Location-Based Templates: OrangeHRM now lets you configure location-based templates for multi-country clients. This feature ensures that your onboarding and offboarding processes are tailored to the specific needs of each location, simplifying the process and ensuring compliance.

  • Employee Welcome Email Improvements: Make your employees feel welcome right from the start. With the VAS 7.11 update, you can customize and enhance employee welcome emails to provide essential information and a warm introduction to your organization.

  • Mark Tasks as 'On Hold': Sometimes, tasks need to be put on hold temporarily. OrangeHRM now allows you to mark tasks as 'On Hold,' ensuring that you maintain a clear record of task status and progress.

  • Audit Trail Updates: Stay on top of changes in the audit trail for the module. This feature enhances transparency and accountability, making it easier to track any modifications made to your HR processes.

  • Supervisor Visibility: Your supervisors can now monitor the progress of employee tasks directly, improving communication and collaboration between teams.

Request Desk



  • View Pending Approvers: The VAS 7.11 update lets you see the pending approvers at each level for each request, streamlining the approval process and reducing delays.

  • Action History: Keep track of each request's action history, allowing you to maintain a comprehensive record of all activities related to a request.

  • Enhanced Reports: Display employee ID and cost center in the request desk reports, making it easier to analyze and manage your HR data. Additionally, you can generate reports showing the number of requests closed by each person, providing valuable insights into your team's performance.

  • Active/Inactive Request Types: Customize your request types by making them active or inactive as needed, simplifying your HR processes and ensuring you're always using the most relevant request types.|

  • Default Approver Configuration: Configure the Head of Department (HOD) as a default approver within the request desk, saving time and ensuring that requests are routed to the right person.

  • Request for More Information: Approvers now have the ability to request more information from requesters, promoting effective communication and reducing delays in the approval process.

  • Regional Admin Access: Regional admins can now view regional requests only, ensuring that they have access to the information relevant to their specific area of responsibility.

  • Duplicate Request Types: Need to create similar request types with minor differences? The VAS 7.11 update lets you duplicate request types for a quick and easy setup.

  • Customizable Columns: Users have the flexibility to configure the columns they want to see in the 'Employee Requisition' screen using the configure icon, ensuring that the interface is tailored to their specific needs.

Travel and Expense

  • Report Enhancements: Travel and expense reports have been improved to display the expense date and travel ID/project name, offering a more comprehensive view of your organization's financial data.

  • Travel Approval Date: Keep track of travel approvals with the new feature that displays the travel approval date in the travel list screen, ensuring that your travel processes are efficient and transparent.

With the VAS 7.11 update of OrangeHRM, your HR management processes just got smarter, more efficient, and more user-friendly. The new features in this update empower you to streamline your onboarding, request management, and travel and expense processes, making your work simpler and more productive. Book your FREE demo today to find out more!