Message Mastery: Is Anyone Actually Reading?

By OrangeHRM | Published on 1 nov. 2017 | minute read

Following on from the previous blog ‘How Important is Communication in the Workplace?’ it made us think about how OrangeHRM helps organizations manage and encourage employee communication. It also made us ask the question ‘How do we know that our messages are being read?’.

The Scenario

In the given scenario, a new company policy has been implemented, and it is essential for all employees to comprehend it. Sending out an email might not guarantee that the message will be noticed or could easily get lost in the myriad of items in an employee's inbox. One might wonder how to ensure the message is read accurately. Furthermore, when a new employee joins the organization, they need to familiarize themselves with company procedures. Does this require reading a lengthy paper brochure, which often goes unread due to competing priorities?

Now, there exists a more straightforward solution. OrangeHRM consistently listens to its clients, understanding their unique needs and exploring how their HR management solution can simplify their lives. Their discovery has led to the realization that effective communication and maintaining a record of message recipients are crucial. Tools for tracking this information and recording data are imperative for efficiency and compliance, especially for EU organizations preparing for GDPR compliance.

The Significance of Acknowledgments

  • Compliance Maintenance - For organizations with employees in the EU, GDPR compliance is a pressing concern. Acknowledgments provide a straightforward way to track employee consent regarding data protection policies and procedures.
  • Consistent and Accurate Communication - Organizations can ensure that their messages are being read and that their entire workforce is well-informed. Employers can also target specific messages to defined groups, such as individual departments or specific employee groups like new hires.
  • Simple yet Insightful Reporting - Easy and quick data access is essential for any organization. Utilizing acknowledgments empowers the HR team to generate reports, such as the number of new employees in a given month who have read the company handbook and accepted the policies. This ensures that organizations are well-prepared for audits, as these reports can be readily accessed and exported when necessary.

Why OrangeHRM?

OrangeHRM offers an 'acknowledgments' tool that organizations can leverage to record who has read their communications and who hasn't. This tool involves a simple tick box, and the data is automatically stored in the system for easy access when needed. How do you manage your communication and know that your messages are being read? Do you have a specific process in place? If you’re interested in learning more about how OrangeHRM can help you communicate effectively and remain compliant, book a FREE demo or why not watch our product overview video here.