Human Resource Information Systems

By OrangeHRM | Published on 12 oct. 2011 | minute read

OrangeHRM featured in “Human Resource Information Systems” by Michael J. Kavanagh, Mohan Thite and Richard D. Johnson The Human Resource Information Systems course book is a joint effort of Michael J. Kavanagh and Richard D. Johnson who are Professors at the University of Albany and also Mohan Thite, who is a senior lecturer at the Griffith University, Australia. This book gives a comprehensive introduction on the integration of Human Resource Management and Information Systems, and how the integration of these two major fields has evolved into HRIS. Moreover, this book emphasizes on how HRIS serves the growing demands of HR Management in companies and its impact on the global market. As a leading open-source HRM (HRIS) solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, OrangeHRM is featured in this book to depict the modern HRIS practices, thus creating awareness to students on the future of Human Resource Information Systems and emerging trends in Human Resource Management and Information Technology. Earlier this year OrangeHRM Co-founder and CEO, Sujee Saparamadu visited the University of Albany for a lecture about OrangeHRM and an online training was conducted for the students. Click here for more details about the book.