Introducing Saturn

By OrangeHRM | Published on 4 abr. 2019 | minute read

You’re probably thinking, the planet with  a ring to it. Well you’re partly right there! What I'll be telling you about, does have a ring to it.

The Name ‘Saturn’  is the Rocket series in the Apollo Program that raised mankind to the next level by the imprintment of human contact with none other than the Moon.

This idea behind the name was brought forward by one of our OHRM team members to depict the OrangeHRM Mobile App - Saturn in the first project name - Apollo took OrangeHRM to the next level Mobile Generation.


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OrangeHRM Project Saturn is not just one project , and henceforth will have multiple projects . The first ever Upcoming Mobile Application release is 1.0 to be released by the end of this Month!

  • Apply/Assign Leave
  • Leave List/My Leave List 
  • Search Leave List

  • Detailed Leave List-My Leave List

  • Mobile Splash Screen

  • Leave Details 

Available to be downloaded in iOS and Android soon


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