Looking for a Request Desk Solution that Ensures a Job is Done?

By OrangeHRM | Published on 25 jun. 2020 | minute read

Like customers, employees in your organization too, have many requirements and support requests they need to resolve. Employees are your greatest assets and their issues should be prioritized in the same way. You can organize your internal request management with ease if you have a centralized Request Desk solution to get the job done.

OrangeHRM Request Desk

The Request Desk Solution developed by OrangeHRM is streamlined to ensure that every request submitted by an employee is taken care of. This flexible and easy to use solution makes work so much easier for everyone. When an employee has a task that needs to be done, he or she could easily get it addressed by submitting the request via the system. The employee just needs to submit the request using a request type available in the system or by creating a new one. This interface enables the requestor to view the progress or status of the request submitted as well.

The good news for all HR, IT or any other Department that receives many requests is that this automated solution helps manage the workload and assign it to a  designated person within the department. The Dashboard available in the OrangeHRM’s Request Desk solution, allows you to view priority tasks in an organized manner and view a summary of requests received, those in progress and the ones completed.

This rewarding and user-friendly Request Desk solution enables teams to quantify and present the number of tasks or amount of work done by them on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. 

Why Is This Solution Valuable?

  • Your efficiency and team morale are improved when an efficient Request Desk Solutions helps your team recognize their efforts in attending to employee requests or resolving their problems.

  • Managers can categorize tasks with much ease and organize the order of requests to be resolved based on importance.

  • It makes employees feel secure and happy knowing that they are kept updated on the status of their request.

  • It saves time for employees as they can use pre-configured templates for common requests without spending time creating them. 

  • This value-added service offered by OrangeHRM, provides an effective tracking mechanism of all records of messages and comments communicated via the system

  • Audit trails help to avoid manipulation of request submissions and changes as it can track all adjustments made to requests and request types.

OrangeHRM’s Help Desk is a hassle-free, easily customizable and user-friendly solution that also generates emails for each request and notifies the request owner. Manage your day to day workload with OrangeHRM’s cost-effective solution. Book your FREE demo to learn more.