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By OrangeHRM | Published on 30 oct. 2020 | minute read

What’s New in the 6.5.18 Version? 

Performance Management

Performance Management is crucial for the growth and development of your people and OrangeHRM is continuously improving the User Interface and experience of the Performance module. The module now includes a fresh look to the Performance Appraisal multiple view and configurable columns and filters to avail the search experience on the goals list and Appraisal list. You can now add and fashion the columns in the way you wish to display the lists to other users. 

If you are having a hard time taking on with the number of appraisal cycles to sort by the end of the period, you can put your game together now with the New Appraisal Cycle View. You can save time and effort by searching, filtering and viewing Appraisals by the Cycle status. With the improvement of the user experience in Appraisal Cycles, there is also no need for you to go out of your way to search and select the main evaluator of an employee. The system instantly selects the respective main evaluator of the relevant employee for you, when you select the Reporting Method.

Simplifying the Goal Management process in this release, now allows for the Regional Managers or Head of Departments to bulk assign goals to their people and also add OKRs/ Goals to themselves. The Goals or OKRs added also have the option to enable “Read Only” to employees. 

Leave Management

The 6.5.18 Version also includes several other improvements in the Leave module and one such includes the flexibility to cancel applied leave when adding or updating holidays. Managers and supervisors can freely apply or approve their employees’ leave during the past period if they have missed to take them into account. 


The Mobile App

Keeping track of time through Time Sheets every time from the system is not too convenient, especially when signing in from outside the office. The Mobile App now supports PunchIn/ PunchOut & Time Sheets so your employees can report from wherever they’re located from. With this recent Mobile App-date, you can also save time rather than standing in line at your office, to sign in with punch cards. 

You can come to know the locations, your employees remotely report to work from. The Customized Location & Selfie Capturing solution  helps to record Employee Attendance and their remote locations when they sign in with their selfie!  Further enhancements have been made to the API to build a secure and convenient user experience in OrangeHRM including Single Sign-on Support (SSO). You can also sign in to the OrangeHRM Mobile App with ease using SSO with Google, Okta, Facebook and Twitter. 

When using the mobile app and you are in confusion with any features, you can conveniently access the Help Portal via mobile.

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