OrangeHRM Live Showcases Intelligent Leave / PTO Management System

By OrangeHRM | Published on 8 abr. 2011 | minute read
  • How much time do you spend or waste managing leave in your organization?
  • How accurate are these calculations?
  • Are those in compliance with your HR policies?
  • Have you arranged backup for leave you approved?
  • Are your employees satisfied with your service?

Many companies tend to take leave management lightly, but research has shown surprising results on how leave management impacts directly on business performance. Some classic examples would be; A loss to the company – Many companies reimburse certain leave, if employees did not use them up this might prove to be costly for the company. Abiding Legal Policies – If you are a multinational you probably will have to comply to many rules put in by governments of these countries, if you don't comply to them you risk being sued by your employees or the relevant authorities. Performance, Emotions and Leave – Too much leave will result in careless work , where as less leave will increase stress and mess performance and emotions of an employee. So how do you overcome these problems? The OrangeHRM PTO, is an accurate, quick, configurable, and user-friendly way of managing your organizations leave. Unlike many other leave management systems which require you to adapt to those features available on it, the OrangeHRM PTO can be configured exactly the way you want it to work. Some key challenges you can overcome include; Important and accurate information – Its not only about managing leave, monitoring trends and patters are critical metrics that allow accurate forecasting. Policy awareness and compliance – Leave policies will be conveyed to the employees in the form of in-built help, messages and warnings, reducing lack of knowledge on leave policies and ensures proper flows are followed. Employee self service – Saves HR's time in handling employees leave queries, they can login to the system to find out all they want about their leave. Multi-location management – A centralized system yest localized to be used in all your branches worldwide with rules specific to each country. You can have global and regional administrators with any combination of access rights. Leave accrual / carry forwards and expiries – Automatic leave accrual based on your companies leave policies and timely carry forwards of leave with configurable expiration dates for the carry forwards. The OrangeHRM Live trial version is not equipped with this new feature at this point but it is available for production users. The system will be introduced into the trial version within the next couple of months. Many existing users have been upgraded to this new version. Bradford Factor - Measuring absenteeism is a key factor for organization's but calculating these manually can be tedious and and inaccurate, with the Bradford Factor calculation plugin on OrangeHRM you can calculate the attendance score of your employees which is a key piece of information to increase productivity. For those using the open source version, the system will be provided as a plug-in upon subscribing for a Gold support plan. To learn more about the OrangeHRM PTO click hereDownload Brochure