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OrangeHRM on Ostatic

By OrangeHRM General 16 ago. 2008

Ostatic is a blog devoted to open source software. The name is supposed to mean "Ecstatic" about "Open Source". Its goal is to increase the adoption of Open Source software. The site is a directory of Open Source software and the number of projects listed is supposed to exceed 150,000. In addition to the directory, it is also a place where users can create user accounts and review the software they use. This allows potential users to evaluate software based on user reviews before thet adopt them. In truse sense of open source this can become a community where users help each other select the best open source software that would suit them. OrangeHRM is now listed on Ostatic. Ostatic also has articles and interviews on Open Source software. Read interview on OrangeHRM. I hope you will visit Ostatic and review OrangeHRM as well as other great open source products you use.

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