OrangeHRM Releases Version 6.5.11, the Latest Update of Its World’s Leading Human Resources Management Software.

By OrangeHRM | Published on 11 abr. 2020 | minute read


Established in 2005 and head-quartered in New Jersey, USA, OrangeHRM, announced the latest release of the World’s Most Popular & Friendliest HR Management System on April 02, 2020.

Leading the industry with over 4.2 million users Worldwide, the company is credited with launching the first ever Open Source Human Resources Information System (HRIS) in the World, with its first Beta release in January 2006.

OrangeHRM’s state-of-the-art software supports from up to 25,000 employees and is the leading HR Management Software for Start-up's, SME's as well as large Transnational and Multinational Organisations. The company offers Cloud as well as On-Premise Hosting, Pay-per Employee Pricing, Customization and its Module-Based Architecture makes it easy to start off with a critically important module and then keep adding as and when required.

Security and Performance being key requirements for any organization, lots of time and effort has been put in to developing Version 6.5.11 to improve these aspects of the system. All customer reported issues as well as identified general product issues from the previous version have been resolved in this new release. Thus, ensuring customers can continue to reap the benefits of a World Class HR Management System, with the knowledge and confidence that they are using the Safest and Best available HR Management Solution.  

Version 6.5.11, includes enhancements to several modules, such as the introduction to Competency Profiles to the Performance Management Module, where organisations will now be better equipped to identify suitable talent for critical positions in Succession Planning & Performance Management. The Time Module sees the introduction of Filters in Employee Timesheets, giving more flexibility to supervisors who need to locate timesheets of specific employees. They can define a combination of filters as a default setting where they can view a list of preferred timesheet each time they access this feature, while continuing to have direct access to the latest available timesheet by simply typing an employee name without accessing the filters.

Taking into consideration, the trend in the definition of gender evolving beyond just male and female, the Personnel Information Management Module of this latest release includes a third gender option, "Non-Binary". This is in support of employees who do not wish to be identified as either male or female due to their gender identity now differing from that at their birth.  

OrangeHRM has also made significant improvements to enhance the user experience of the system and enable employees to navigate their way through tasks effortlessly saving them valuable time through streamlining internal processes.

Customers can look forward to improvements to key features such as Reports on Equal Employment Opportunity, Graphical Reporting, enhancements to the Attendance Sub-Module as well as an improved User Interface in the next system upgrade.