OrangeHRM Releases Version 7.4!

By OrangeHRM | Published on 26 ene. 2022 | minute read

What’s New on 7.4!

OrangeHRM recently released version 7.4 bringing in upgrades to its Training, Performance, and PIM modules. 

All-New Training Module 

It is considered that an organization's most valuable investment is its people, and therefore investing in their training and development is vital to supporting the long-term growth of them and the company. According to a Work Institute survey, career aspects including training were one of the strongest areas of causes for employee turnover. Hence why employers should pay more attention to training the next generation of leaders in the company. That’s why OrangeHRM has incorporated new Online Training capabilities with the existing Training module in the 7.4 version. With this latest Training module, you can now create individual and group online courses in a few taps and include videos, documents, links, etc. In addition to managing the in-person training sessions. Further, you can also set up automatic alerts and reminders, award e-certificates, and have access to the courses virtually from anywhere at any time. Add to that, the ability to seamlessly generate reports for each type of training course provides total control of the employee training programs right to your hands.

Enhanced Performance Appraisals View

The purpose of assessments is to gather insights and improve specific actions. You're more likely to see an individual work to improve a particular behavior or action you're seeking to develop if you give feedback on it. According to the Harvard Business Review, most of the assumptions made by employees when not receiving feedback are negative. 

However, when conducting assessments, most of the time appraisals are not completed on time by way of employees missing it or not doing it. OrangeHRM allows you to see who has done them or who is yet to do them and trigger email notifications to specific employees to make sure the appraisals are completed on schedule. Further, you can also view employee performance scores as percentages in addition to the standard rating scale and so much more. 


Revamped Job & Salary Information Sections

Be on top of all your employee information with OrangHRM’s Employee Management module. Trackback with one click to reveal your employee’s job history with the new snapshot report feature, edit or delete unwanted job history information via the new Job History tab, and view information from the change effective date as well as a detailed view of the changes with the Audit Trail which is now easily accessible from the Job History tab itself.

Further, with the new Salary tab, you can now check your employees’ salary details including payables, pay grades and even look back at past details with the snapshot report feature. Following the same pattern as that of the Job History section, you can add or edit salary history information and view all the details of these changes with the Audit Trail which is just a click away.

In addition to all of that, you can also create reports on Job and Salary history or on a salary event by customizing to include only the fields that you want to see. These reports can be downloaded in both PDF or CSV formats at any time. 

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