OrangeHRM Releases Version 7.6

By OrangeHRM | Published on 25 jul. 2022 | minute read

An upgrade to a smoother HRIS experience

OrangeHRM is pleased to announce the release of version 7.6. This upgrade contains further enhancements to the most recent 7.5 version which was released on 1st April 2022. Some of the main improvements of version 7.6 include an enhanced Candidate List, under-the-hood changes that allow better filtering, more shortcut capabilities, and UI improvements that enable better usability for the end user.

User Experience Improvements for the Recruitment Module

Recruiting can be a long and challenging process and we know how important it is to keep your recruitment processes up-to-date to win the battle to attract the top talent. So, why make it more challenging than it already is? With the latest 7.6 version of OrangeHRM, you can now keep your recruitment stylish yet simple with the all-new UI, access your candidate profiles from the candidate list with ease, add your most visited candidate lists as shortcuts to your homepage, and much more. Especially, the new UI is designed to make your recruitment processes faster and seamless so you don’t waste a second in hiring the best candidates.

Manage your PTO/leave more efficiently

We’ve all been there sorting through spreadsheets or sub-par leave management software to help organize employee leave; lost under a mountain of paperwork not knowing who is on leave and who isn’t and bugs in the leave management software have left HR personnel trying to figure out a solution to this administrative hassle instead of focusing their time on the people.

That’s where OrangeHRM comes to help! The new and improved Leave module allows you to easily track employee leave from anywhere you are, create as many leave types and leave rules as required, and easily manage all these leave configurations based on the location along with further UI enhancements that are guaranteed to provide a seamless leave management experience. 

Reporting made faster & easier!

Have you ever needed a report in time but it has taken you days to get it sifting through spreadsheets, or piles of paperwork? Has manual reporting been taking too much of your time? With the 7.6 release, we’ve brought in a host of new features to keep your reporting and analytics accessible and organized at any time from anywhere. With OrangeHRM 7.6, you can run reports based on your key employee metrics, save and organize the reports in folders, move reports between folders, view recent reports, and much more. Gain more control over your data to gain better insights into your people. OrangeHRM has everything you need to make sure you're getting the data you need when you need it. 

You’ve won half the battle by having a good HR team, let OrangeHRM do the rest! Learn more about the OrangeHRM HR software by signing up for a FREE demo now!