OrangeHRM Secured

By OrangeHRM | Published on 28 nov. 2013 | minute read

OrangeHRM continuously keeps on updating its products in order to provide the best solution to customers and also to make sure that the system is secure whereby hackers cannot hack into the system. We have used security good practices and patterns when coding; used industry standard frameworks which have built-in features to prevent common security vulnerabilities. Our developers have been trained on security practices to make sure our code is secure.

The OrangeHRM community and some freelance security experts have been assisting us on this regard too. Security expert, Kenneth Sager, was able to find vulnerabilities in our system. He has chosen OrangeHRM for his review because it was the most popular download on In his spare time Kenneth performs independent reviews of software solutions such as OrangeHRM, this process is called “bug hunting”. He has been able to discover some “bugs” in our system. He has informed us about those and we were prompt to fix them.

In the past other large institutions such as High-Tech Bridge SA in Switzerland, IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force, and Juniper Networks USA have stepped forward to test OrangeHRM for any vulnerability and assisted us to identify and fix them.

Juniper Networks USA

IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force

High-Tech Bridge SA

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