Overcoming Training Challenges With an Easy to Use Online Training Software

By OrangeHRM | Published on 29 may. 2020 | minute read

It is important to ensure that your employees are well equipped to gain the knowledge and support required to sustain your organization during this challenging time (Global COVID19 Pandemic). 

Your people being your most valuable asset, only consistent education and training will bring out the best in them. Providing employees with a rich learning experience is important as it gives an organization the confidence that their employees are competent and equipped to uphold organizational standards. This is especially true for recent recruits. 

As the demand for essential services such as healthcare, delivery services, telecommunications, and IT increases during these difficult times, it is important to ensure that employees are well-trained in order for them to succeed in their roles.

03 Reasons Why Online Training Is Best 

  • In the current situation with the requirement to ensure social distancing, you cannot send your employees for classroom-based training. You could face an instance such as this or you could be at the mercy of other people’s schedules when planning a training program. By opting for Online Training software, you can overcome both these scenarios, as the training material can be accessed easily with the schedule being flexible as it is training on demand. Employees have the option of individually picking their training times so it is convenient for the employees and their work schedules.

  • Online notes & presentations, training videos that can be replayed, and assessments or quizzes that can be taken at any time or place supports employees to learn faster and better. The easier it is to access the courses,  the easier it becomes for employees to reach their goals and achieve their objectives.

  • Online Training helps employees retain and remember information with interesting videos or movie clips, eye catching images and more. Providing information using creative methods can lead to better understanding of the training content when compared with taking notes in a classroom. In face-to-face training employees can deviate from topics where speech is the major mode of instruction.


Traditional training courses can be very costly due to having to pay for course material, location, certifications, etc. In comparison, the material is saved in your hard drive when it comes to Online Training. Certifications are provided online, in printable format, with course completion recognition shared within the organization. Course content and examination results being saved in the system can be viewed any number of times at no additional cost. This makes Online Training extremely cost-effective and efficient.

Why OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM’s Training module is built to deliver a modern user-friendly learning experience to organizations in need of reliable and effective training solution. This technologically advanced and affordable solution is extremely easy for anyone to use. 

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