Partnership Options Offered at OrangeHRM

By OrangeHRM | Published on 15 mar. 2019 | minute read

Ever came across clients asking for an established Human Resource Management System (HRMS) in your product portfolio or even ask you to recommend and refer one? If your answer is yes, Enjoy the privilege of becoming an OrangeHRM trusted business Partner!

OrangeHRM’s unique Human Resource Management Software offers 3 Valued Winning Partnership Programs.

  • Reseller Partner Program
  • Referral Partner Program
  • Integration Partner Program

Streamline your client’s HR Processes. Safe against Competitive Pressure. Dedicated and Elevated Support and more.

OrangeHRM Partner Programs

Reseller Partner Program

You can become a Certified OrangeHRM partner and help build your customers together with us to make your clients have a wonderful experience. Growing and Expanding your Product Portfolio Divisions where you can expand your branches leading higher sales and growth for your company.

Click here to explore the Reseller Partner Program

Referral Partner Program

Challenging the traditional norms of partnering with talking each other up! You identify a need for a HRIS , refer the lead to us  and gain attractive commissions and increase your revenue and rewards by relationships you already have! Extend our lead Generation by referring us as you have more confidence and trust in us as we go and gradually turning our partner relationships to revenue. 

Click here to explore the Referral Partner Program

Integration Partner Program

Collaborating and creating close connections for a rewardable growth for our companies. Introducing our open API’s to build a flexible and Comprehensive integration to offer our customers a rich value adding experience.

Click here to explore the Integration Partner Program

Become a dedicated OrangeHRM partner and enjoy the benefits today!