Santa’s Best Practices for Individuals & Organisations.

By OrangeHRM | Published on 25 dic. 2019 | minute read

The traditional patron of Christmas in the Western World and most other countries, Santa Claus is known to bring gifts and sweets to children of all ages. The popular image of the modern Santa Claus is based on traditions associated with Saint Nicholas, a fourth-century Catholic Saint.

There are some very very valuable lessons we can learn from this portly, jolly, white-bearded character who is depicted wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, red trousers, a cone-shaped red hat with a dangling white furball, a black leather belt, black boots and carrying a bag full of gifts and sweets for children young and old. 

Santa Claus works really hard the whole year long. He works all year preparing for one single night (Christmas eve is showtime), and does everything possible to ensure the right gift is delivered to the right child, he makes the list and checks it not just once but twice

While we know that Santa’s elves help him make the toys, wrap and pack them for the children(Customers) across the globe, the reindeer helps to carry the heavy-laden sleigh to make the deliveries to the children. It is Team Work that Makes the Dream Work. Having a hard-working, efficient and loyal team is critical for the success of any organization or business venture.

Efficiency and innovation is crucial to anything you do. Santa’s unbelievable achievement on Christmas eve would not be possible without state-of-the-art technology. In a similar vein, organizations too need cutting edge HR Technology to ensure they stay ahead of others, by recruiting the best employee talent available and retain this talent within the sphere of the organization. To this end, your organization has the option to select state-of-the-art HR Software solutions from a world-class organization such as OrangeHRM.   

There is also another important lesson that Business Leaders and Managers could learn from Santa’s encounter with Rudolph. The ability to identify individuals with unique talent and how to make use of this talent in the most effective manner for the benefit of the organization. Santa Claus noticed something about Rudolph that others did not observe and gave Rudolph the most important task of guiding his sleigh. By identifying unique talent within the company, talented staff could be appreciated and molded to take on key responsibilities or positions in the future, thereby helping to ensure good talent could be retained within the organization.

We see that the Elves and all those who work for Santa, love him and see him as a really great Boss. Once an organization hires individuals, they need to make sure they’re treated fairly. Employees are the glue that binds the operation of the organization together. They should be paid fairly, get the benefits they are entitled to, given an ear to their issues or concerns and a pat on their backs when they do well.