Should OrangeHRM implement employee scheduling?

By OrangeHRM | Published on 15 ene. 2009 | minute read

We received a few requests from users suggesting that OrangeHRM should implement employee scheduling with shifts and rosters. We would like to get more feedback from users about this. Here is an extract from an email we received: "Here in CA the pay rate is very good for nurses.  So good, in fact that there are many nurses who’s homes are out of state, as far away as Florida, and they commute to work.  The get an apartment or hotel room and make two or three times what they would make back home.  However scheduling is a problem for them.  Arranging all their shifts together, interacting with the scheduling manager is time consuming.  Having access to the ‘open’ shifts from home would allow them to do their scheduling more efficiently. There is another aspect of scheduling for hospitals that is unique.  There are different classes of employees.  Full time employees can make up to twice their pay when they are called in less than 4 hours before their shift.  Simply creating a system that allows part time employees to see the shifts first can make a big difference in the bottom line of a department. Allowing employees to manipulate their schedule more efficiently, trading shifts, scheduling time off for doctors appointments, making last minute changes, will mean less (expensive to fill) sick calls. There are a couple of other features that are specific to hospitals and other mission critical staffing applications that I have been working on.  These are for anyone who can’t have sick calls.  Police, fire, etc.  They will need a robust staffing program capable of actively filling missing employee time slots.  Such a system would qualify for homeland defense funding programs, essentially making the cost of the subscription to the system free for the customer who has access to these funds." We appreciate if you take a minute or two to take following survey and share your thoughts on what features OrangeHRM should implement in future. Click here to take the survey.