The Remote Working Starter

By OrangeHRM | Published on 8 dic. 2020 | minute read

Why OrangeHRM?

With the global pandemic, many organizations and HR departments find themselves trapped in the challenges of managing a remote workforce. This is because, a major part of the traditional HR department circles around the frequent face-to-face interaction with their staff in regards to managing their interviews, onboarding, training, and so on. 

With more and more people working in the safety of their own homes, organizations have come to rethink their HR processes and strategically transform them into a virtual process. 

How Can the Leave/ PTO System Help?

When your whole team is working from home and there is less face-to-face interaction like at a physical office,  it is often not clear as to who is working and who is on leave. A Comprehensive Leave/ PTO system gives you direct visibility on employees’ leave applications even if they are located in various locations or time zones. 

You can say goodbye to the unnecessary paper leave application forms, emails, or spreadsheets and enjoy an efficient and transparent leave system. With OrangeHRM’s Leave/ PTO system, you can access real-time leave requests and details based on each leave type. 

Each leave application is processed meticulously, lowering space for inaccurate leave records. When an employee applies for leave in the system, it is shown in the Leave calendar, which can also be automatically integrated and enabled into the Google and Outlook calendar. OrangeHRM’s Leave System is also available on the Mobile App for your convenience. 

A Convenient Online Learning Experience

It is important to ensure that your employees are well equipped to gain the knowledge and support required to sustain your organization during this challenging time (Global COVID19 Pandemic). Providing employees with a rich learning experience is important as it gives an organization the confidence that their employees are competent and equipped to uphold organizational standards. 

In the current situation with the requirement to ensure social distancing, you cannot send your employees for classroom-based training. You could face an instance such as this or you could be at the mercy of other people’s schedules when planning a training program. By opting for Online Training software, you can overcome both these scenarios, as the training material can be accessed easily with the schedule being flexible as it is training on demand. Employees have the option of individually picking their training times so it is convenient for the employees and their work schedules.

Certifications are provided online, in printable format, with course completion recognition shared within the organization. Course content and examination results being saved in the system can be viewed any number of times at no additional cost. This makes Online Training extremely cost-effective and efficient for your organization while your staff will be enjoying a rich learning experience.


Time Tracking & Attendance Tracking? 

Save tons of your time figuring out employees’ working hours and their productivity using OrangeHRM’s Versatile Time and Attendance tracking system. Time and Attendance helps you to keep an efficient track of hours worked, overtime hours, and duration of activities and projects that are in progress.

With the Time & Attendance system support enabled on Mobile App, you can access the daily Time & Attendance records, approve Timesheets, and view summary reports, wherever you are. View the breakdown of each employees’ weekly activities and projects in a summarized Activity Duration Chart. 

Come to know the locations, your employees remotely report to work from. The Customized Location & Selfie Capturing Solution in the Mobile App helps to record Employee Attendance and their remote locations when they sign in with their selfie! 

If you’re interested to learn more about how these solutions set you up for an Effective Remote Working Starter for next year, contact us to see a demo.