The HR Dictionary

Employee Database

A digital archive of both present and former employees is called an employee database. Contact details, job descriptions, payroll information, and many other employment-related details are usually included in an employee database. The digital database can be used to manage various human resources activities such as recruitment, conducting performance appraisals, employee training, time and attendance tracking, and leave management through the use of HR software  as well. The database can also be used to record information such as employee pay and benefits information. 

Benefits of an Employee Database

  1. All employee data is kept in one convenient and organized digital location thanks to the employee database.
  2. Document administration is also made simple with the help of employee database software, which can be used whenever and wherever it is needed. Anyone who examines the document will be aware that they are viewing the most recent and updated version because the database program will be the only point of access for this information.
  3. Every firm has a wealth of private information about its employees. They have to make sure that private information stays private. The best employee database software will have numerous security measures in place to prevent data inside from falling into the wrong hands.