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Organizing God's Home: Hope Church


Hope Church is a full gospel ministry set out simply to be a church that is built on Christ. The church was started with five devoted people, though small in number, they had a God-sized dream to fulfill the Great Commission by raising Christ-centered disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in Singapore and all over the world. Hope Church was then established in 1991 and today has spread across 35 countries. Hope Church is a member of Hope International Ministries (HIM) which is a disciple-making and church-planting movement currently in over 120 locations across 6 continents. Hope Church is also listed along with six churches as fast-growing churches in Singapore in the book, “Church in Asia Today”.


The church needed an affordable, simple, systematic, and flexible HR solution that would manage every aspect of its human resources. The ideal HR Solution for Hope Church had to offer employee management, leave management, and performance management to track leave applications, track leave accruals and conduct performance appraisals with ease. 

Consequently, they hoped to allocate more of their time and effort to something more important: the church movement. Hope Church looked into several HRIS solutions but held back from approaching them since they were expensive and did not specifically address their requirements. OrangeHRM proved to be an effective HRM solution for Hope Church according to Fenny Luwis who said, “OrangeHRM meets our budget and requirements, hence was a clear choice,” 


Upon thorough analysis of the church’s current HR processes, the following issues were identified.

  • Paper-based leave application and tracking 
  • Manual employee performance evaluation 
  • A significant amount of staff time is spent on manual tasks
  • Duplication of effort 
  • Human errors

Leave Management

“Leave application is now paperless and our staff can manage their leave balance/application speedily rather than having to go through the HR Assistant. It has also reduced many possible human errors in leave balance administration.” 

The church's leave application and approval process were paper-based and the HR Assistant had to keep records of all leave applications, leave carried forward, and the leave balance of all employees in the organization. The HR Assistant also had to be contacted for any queries regarding an employee's leave and any miscalculations of an employee's leave balance or loss of an employee's leave record had to be dealt with both by the employee and employer. 

After implementing OrangeHRM, the church’s leave management process has been streamlined by automating many tasks which previously, had to be manually performed by the HR Assistants. Since OrangeHRM is web-based, employees are also able to apply for leave from anywhere and anytime while the Supervisor/Admin can easily approve/reject the leave. Leave carried forward or leave accruals and leave balance management are also calculated by the system with no human intervention which previously resulted in many errors.

Performance Management

“Another helpful function is the Performance Management module which was customized to meet our requirements. The system has allowed our Performance Appraisal to be done in a shorter time and again, paperless”.

Like most organizations, Hope Church has many unique Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Groups that are used for employee performance appraisals. Therefore, it was crucial to be able to define these KPI Groups and to easily produce an employee evaluation based on the ratings given by reviewers. The church’s employee performance appraisals were also paper-based and a performance evaluation of an employee had to be conducted by several reviewers. Since this reviewing process was not standardized, the collection of employee performance evaluation forms had become a tedious task. Also, the evaluation process had to be structured in such a way, where self-reviews, supervisor reviews & HR Admin reviews had to be done in a predefined order. This strongly affected the timely completion of employee performance appraisals. 

With the OrangeHRM Performance Management module, Hope Church now has an efficient and systematic process for performance evaluations and is able to define and enter Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Groups into the system. With the defined KPI Groups, Hope Church is now able to perform an employee appraisal evaluation all within the system, paperless and systematic while setting up the order of evaluation from Self Review to Supervisor Review and lastly the HR Admin Review. It has also eliminated many confusion and delays that were associated with the previous Performance management process.  


“Technical support staff was friendly and were generally prompt in responding to most of my problems with the system. Modification/customization to suit our requirements were completed in a moderately fast duration.”

When Hope Church decided to go with OrangeHRM, they experienced a fast implementation of the system. OrangeHRM's core values of providing professional support, customization service, short development cycles, and the leveraging of collective knowledge and intelligence are just some of the factors encouraging SMEs everywhere to choose OrangeHRM as the solution for managing their most valuable resource, their people. 

OrangeHRM provides a complete and customizable HR solution that enables organizations to perform all HR operations with ease. An industry leader in human resource management, its secure web-based software helps organizations manage their people, talent, and HR processes across the globe.