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Navigating Smooth Transitions: Enhancing HR Efficiency Through Seamless Implementation with OrangeHRM

About Massy Distribution (Jamaica) Limited 

Massy Distribution (Jamaica) Limited (MDJL) is a part of the Massy Group, a Trinidadian conglomerate with operations across various sectors. MDJL focuses on distributing pharmaceutical and consumer goods. Darren, the Senior Human Resources Officer at MDJL, is responsible for talent development and employee relations, which encompasses HR functions such as learning and development, employee engagement, health and wellness, union matters, and disciplinary matters.


“We noticed that the company had a lot of manual ways of doing things. So it was mainly paper and pen.”

Prior to implementing OrangeHRM, MDJL relied heavily on manual processes for HR tasks, including leave management and reporting. This inefficiency prompted the company to search for a system to automate these processes and streamline HR operations.

The Challenge

MDJL’s HR processes were paper-based making it difficult and time-consuming. Their need to automate their HR processes to bring in a more efficient and productive process prompted the company to look at an HRMS that can support MDJL’s demands as well as be easy to adopt. 

The Solution

“Why we decided, first of all, we need a system to automate a lot of the manual processes that we do at Massy.”

Among two HRMS options, MDJL chose OrangeHRM due to its affordability and positive user experience reported by Darren's manager who had previous experience with OrangeHRM. 

Streamlining HR Processes with OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM helped MDJL address their challenges by:

  • Automating Leave Management - The leave management module eliminated the need for cumbersome paper-based leave applications. Employees could now submit leave requests electronically, streamlining the approval process. This has helped Massy Distribution reach their goal of automating their HR processes
  • Simplifying Reporting - OrangeHRM's reporting features enabled MDJL’s HR team to generate reports quickly and easily. This improved data visibility and facilitated informed decision-making and made reporting to other branches easier. What usually took a long time to do while tallying report data manually now only takes a click of a button with OrangeHRM.
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement - The performance management module (still in pilot phase) offered a paperless solution for performance reviews and appraisals, potentially improving employee convenience and participation. This process as Darren explains is another goal that the company intends to achieve with the system as Darren describes, “We find this interesting and very useful because we get a little pushback from our staff in terms of completing manual performance appraisal forms. So we're trying to simplify the process, making it completely paperless and allowing them the convenience to complete their appraisals via OrangeHRM at their own convenience from wherever they are.” with OrangeHRM MDJL aims to provide their employees with more freedom to complete their performance appraisals thus increasing engagement.

Positive Implementation Experience

“So I would say the support was there. It was never a time where we needed help and nobody was there to help us.”

Darren described the implementation process as smooth and straightforward. The OrangeHRM implementation consultant assigned to MDJL provided excellent support and addressed any queries promptly. The recorded training sessions allowed MDJL’s HR team to revisit unclear topics independently. As well as adhering to the agreed-upon implementation timeline. Any minor delays were addressed swiftly and resolved quickly ensuring a smooth rollout time. 

Recommendation for Other Organizations

Based on his positive experience with OrangeHRM, Darren expressed strong satisfaction and willingness to recommend the system to other organizations. He highlighted the affordability, excellent customer service, and responsiveness of the OrangeHRM team as key factors in his recommendation. Darren states, “I would recommend to anybody who is looking for HRM system, OrangeHRM, not only because of its affordability when comparable to other systems in the market, but also because of the customer service that we've received and how responsive and professional you guys are.”

Massy Distribution's user case exemplifies how OrangeHRM can address the challenges faced by HR departments relying on manual processes. Through automation, streamlined reporting, and a user-friendly interface, OrangeHRM empowers HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and enhance employee engagement. Darren's positive experience and willingness to recommend OrangeHRM to others serve as a testament to the value the system delivers to its users.