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Cultivating Company Culture Makes Good Business Sense

By Shaun Bradley Jun 28, 2016

A driver of success, engagement, and profitability, company culture is much more than a popular catch-phrase. Human resources managers are responsible for hiring for organizational fit, and nurturing company culture throughout the employee lifecycle. Engagement practices are a big part of that. OrangeHRM offers the world’s most widely used Open Source HR software suite.  Our business solutions are designed to facilitate the tough job faced by hiring managers to retain—and maintain—effective and productive workplace relationships. Over the long term, company culture represents and illustrates the structure and expectations of an organization.  Because of the need to reduce hiring costs, and improve retention, company culture gets a lot of attention. The ability of hiring managers and employees to articulate their company culture means a norm has been established.  For potential job candidates, coherency of culture, in discussion and by observation, is a desirable employer quality. Toward a stable company culture Reflecting on the current job market, Fortune reports there are considerable numbers of employees of all ages on the move.  According to a report from ADP Research, younger full-time employees saw an average 10 percent increase in pay through switching jobs during the first quarter of this year.  Older employees gained a five percent pay increase using the same tactic. For employees, leveraging jobs can be an effective tactic to quickly increase earnings.  It also increases individual and organizational uncertainty and instability.  For business, it could also mean your talent began planning their next move almost as soon as they walked in your door. How do you stop the drain?  One answer is to nurture your company culture and increase the likelihood your own employees not only stay, but refer their friends for open positions. Consider these points when you need to restart—or just fine tune—the cultural expectations within your organization:

  • Build it, grow it:  Define the mission and methods of your organization to ensure you know what you are doing and how you plan to do it.  If you can talk about the core vision of your business, and the practices you use to accomplish that vision, you are halfway there.
  • Treat others well:  At its best, your company culture is authentic.  When you codify your values through your company culture, you demonstrate willingness to engage employees, clients, and customers with care and reciprocity.
  • Recognize:  By putting effort into defining your company mission, and the career goals of each employee, you create a bigger, better picture that nurtures company culture and profit.
  • Be there:  Most everyone wants to be part of something bigger and contribute their energy to making something better.  Offer rewards, pay well, create meaning, and give employees positive incentives to identify with your organization.
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Increase retention, boost profit, and support stability by hiring for cultural fit.  This does not mean creating a homogenous, non-diverse workforce.  It means creating a vibrant, creative work setting that keeps your workers interested. We help you make—and keep—the right talent.  Contact OrangeHRM to learn more about our HR management software solutions.