OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7 Released

By OrangeHRM | Published on Aug 21, 2008 | minute read

We just released OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7 to SourceForge. This continues our effort to raise the bar for product quality. We have been focusing a lot on QA testing OrangeHRM during the last few months. Currently we're in the process of fixing high priority bugs. With a few more iterations of fixes, we will be able to release OrangeHRM 2.4 as a stable version, making it the most stable OrangeHRM version todate. The following bugs were fixed in OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7: 1965051 - Error massege Gives bottom of the CSV File 1950539 - Time Module -> Time sheet details alignment not correct 2044110 - Strings with ' results java scripts to not to work 1989466 - Dependent can be saved without Name and Relationship : PIM, with some minor UI improvements 1995669 - Leave Module: Zero Time Duration Can be Assigned as a Leave 2006032 - Custom fields can not take in comments with double quotes 2021159 - Report:Admin user with Edit privilege can't edit Reports 1950679 - Leave -> Leave quota text box is not validate 2015722 - lang_en_full.php file contains some spelling mistakes. Corrected spelling in several other places as well 2032713 - Use compressed versions of javascript libraries 1989653 - Duplicate Report names Click here to download OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7.