OrangeHRM 2.6.5: It's Here!

By OrangeHRM | Published on Jun 13, 2011 | minute read

It's one thing to build a robust HR software, but it's a totally different thing to make it usable and help users get the most out of it. OrangeHRM 2.6.5 is built to do that. We wanted to live up to it, a clean, simple and intuitive interface with snappy quickness that makes browsing through data a pleasure. The new look, new features and the new framework will add great value to the system while the usability enhancements will add to your experience. Don't just take our word, try 2.6.5 today and let us know what you think about it because that's what OrangeHRM is all about. A note for our cloud users; OrangeHRM Live will soon be upgraded to 2.6.5, we are working on it as we speak.