OrangeHRM’s Singapore Version Is Released

By OrangeHRM | Published on Jun 25, 2012 | minute read

As the world leading and fast growing HRIS Solution for SMEs, OrangeHRM has been very confident in targeting and catering our products and services to various top clients all over the world.  As the popularity of OrangeHRM emerge all over the world due to its flexibility as an HR Solution, we still strive hard in making our products user-friendly and readily available by anticipating the needs of our clients. Singapore, being one of the most highly developed countries in Asia in terms of economy, infrastructure, financial trading, education and investments has always been an active community. Thus, OrangeHRM has come up with a solution and created a system specific to the general human resource processes of Singapore. OrangeHRM has put a lot of thought on what the Singaporean community really need and with its diverse multicultural society, mostly expatriates, we have created a Singapore version of the OrangeHRM application which is packed with Singapore-specific Personal Information Management (PIM) changes, that allows you to enter National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) details, define Expatriate Work Status such as E-Pass, S-Pass and Work Permit Status and allows you to manage both locals and expatriates all in one HR Solution. There’s more, OrangeHRM Singapore Version is also packed with combination of the latest OrangeHRM 2.7 Version  with features such as:

  • Language and Date/Time Localization: allows you to set up a localized language and date/time that will be reflected on the entire system
  • Event Notifications: allows you to set up notifications of different events such as Expatriate Expiry Notification, Employee Contract Notification, etc.
  • Audit Trail: allows you to view any changes made on the PIM Module and Recruitment Module.
  • Advanced Recruitment Module: automates your recruitment processes and enables you to perform resume parsing and archiving of your applicants.
  • Rosters: allows you to create multiple work shifts and work weeks and facilitate leave management accordingly.
  • Recruitment via Facebook: allows you to post job vacancies on Facebook and increase your reach.
  • Advance Leave: allows you to set up accrual rules for a specific job title, employment status or years of service. You can also configure leave eligibility and leave carry forward.

Furthermore, OrangeHRM is backed up with local support in Singapore. This is the first country-specific version of the  OrangeHRM system and we encourage our community members to send feedback so that we can further enhance our products and services, where in the future we can localize more country-specific versions of the OrangeHRM application. For more information, you may contact our Local Partner: SC Soft Unit #03-017, iHUB #No. 9 Jurong Town Hall Road Singapore 609431 Email: