Some of the Coolest Jobs in the World

By OrangeHRM | Published on Feb 19, 2013 | minute read

According to a recent survey, around 60% of the people from around the world are not satisfied with their jobs. In most cases, people select wrong jobs. There are several job opportunities which offer a perfect combination of work and fun. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest job opportunities which offer fun, money and job satisfaction. Chocolate taster  Chocolate manufacturers make chocolates in various lots, and few chocolates from each lot are sent to chocolate tasters for certification. As a chocolate taster, you have to eat those chocolates and make sure that their taste matches certain quality standards. Working as a chocolate taster is one of the best job opportunities for sure, but you will have to allot some time for exercise every day, to get rid of that extra weight which you might gain because of eating various chocolates. There is no specific degree required to apply for this job, however, you should have knowledge about various chocolates available in the market. Bed tester  This may sound funny, but, do you wish to get paid for sleeping? That is what a bed tester is expected to do, sleep on a new bed every day and give a feedback about the comfort level while he or she was sleeping in that bed. To put it in simple words, all that you need to do is talk about the positive and negative aspects of the bed. In most cases, companies which manufacture luxury beds for hotels, hire bed testers on monthly basis to test their products before they are sold in the market. This process of bed testing is also known as 'sleep survey'. There is no necessary qualification required, but some knowledge about beds is important. Movie reviewer or Movie critic  Just imagine! You get a chance to watch several movies every day, talk about the positive, negative aspects of the movie and get paid for it! This is certainly one of the best job opportunities available in the market. You can join an entertainment website, magazine, or a newspaper as a movie reviewer and earn while you also have fun. As a movie critic, or a movie reviewer, you should have the ability to write a short review about the movie and explain the readers about why they should watch a particular movie or miss it. For this job, companies prefer to hire someone with a degree or a certification course in mass communication. Work as a Google street view car driver  This car that takes pictures on streets, makes videos about the traffic conditions, and gets a clear view of what’s going on in various backyards! There is not much information available about how these car drivers are hired. It is clear that there are various other companies like Apple, Blackberry, and Microsoft which are planning to launch their own map apps in the near future. This means that there will be lots of similar job openings coming soon, as these companies will hire drivers for sure. All that you need is a valid driving license, and ability to use various cameras and broadcasting devices. Work as a fashion photographer  If you feel that you have the ability to capture beauty and present it in the form of photographs, you can easily work as a fashion photographer. The basic requirements to become a photographer are- knowledge about maintenance of camera and other equipment, knowledge about lighting set up, ability to select appropriate background as per requirements, ability to work as a team with various artists, and knowledge about basic computer software like- Photoshop, coral draw, etc. You can get several chances to meet your favorite celebrity models, take their pictures and even spend some time with them. Work as an archaeologist  Are you interested in history? Do you wish to visit various historically important sites from around the world and get paid for it? If the answer is yes, you should become an archaeologist. As an archaeologist, you should be able to study ancient civilizations, archaeological monuments, historic remains, etc. There are several job openings for archaeologists. In most cases, museums, government agencies, and universities hire archaeologists for teaching, researching, and site excavations. People prefer to hire someone who has completed undergraduate course or a graduation course with archaeology as a special.