Web vs Cloud, Why it Matters?

By OrangeHRM | Published on Apr 18, 2023 | minute read

Human Resources (HR) management is a crucial function of any organization, regardless of its size or industry. The traditional method of managing HR tasks involved the use of paper-based forms and manual processing. However, with the advent of technology, the use of HR management software has become increasingly popular. In this blog, we will compare SaaS vs web-based HR management software and explore how OrangeHRM can help organizations manage HR tasks efficiently.

SaaS vs Web-Based HR Management Software

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software delivery model that allows users to access software applications over the Internet. SaaS HR management software is hosted on the vendor's server, and users can access the software via a web browser. This eliminates the need for organizations to install and maintain software on their own servers, reducing the cost of ownership.

Web-based HR management software, on the other hand, is installed on the organization's server and accessed via a web browser. This type of software requires organizations to have the technical expertise to manage the software and maintain the server. However, web-based software provides organizations with more control over their data and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Benefits of a Saas Model HR Software

Cloud-based HR software systems have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their many benefits and advantages. These systems offer a wide range of features that can help organizations streamline their HR processes, save time and money, and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

If an organization is considering implementing a cloud-based HR software system, here are some of the benefits to expect:

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Cloud-based HR software systems automate many of the time-consuming HR processes, such as onboarding, payroll processing, and benefits administration. This frees up your HR staff to focus on more strategic tasks, such as talent acquisition and employee development, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Improved Data Accuracy and Security

With a cloud-based HR software system, all employee data is stored in one centralized location, reducing the risk of errors and duplications. Additionally, cloud-based systems typically offer high-level security features, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure that employee data is safe and secure.

Enhanced Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Cloud-based HR software systems offer self-service portals that enable employees to access their information, such as pay stubs and benefits information, at any time. This gives employees greater control over their own data and can lead to increased engagement and satisfaction.

Easy Scalability 

Cloud-based HR software systems are easy to scale up or down, making them ideal for organizations that are growing or downsizing. As your organization grows, you can easily add new employees and features to the system without having to invest in new hardware or software.

Cost Savings

Cloud-based HR software systems are typically more cost-effective than traditional on-premise systems. They eliminate the need for expensive hardware and software, as well as the IT staff required to maintain them, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Benefits of a Web-Based HR Software Model

On-premise web-based HR software systems have been a popular choice for many organizations due to their ability to offer the best of both worlds the flexibility of a web-based system with the added security and control of an on-premise system.

For any organization considering implementing an on-premise web-based HR software system, here are some of the benefits that come with web-based software:

Enhanced Security and Control

On-premise web-based HR software systems offer the added security and control of an on-premise system, as the system is installed and maintained locally on your organization's servers. This can give your organization greater control over the security and confidentiality of your employee data.


On-premise web-based HR software systems can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for your HR staff and employees to access information, complete tasks, and collaborate remotely.

Easy Customization

On-premise web-based HR software systems are highly customizable, allowing your organization to tailor the system to meet your specific needs and requirements. This can help you to optimize your HR processes and increase efficiency.

Why OrangeHRM

73% of small businesses use  cloud-based hr software.

OrangeHRM is an HR management software that provides organizations with a comprehensive suite of HR tools. The software is designed to automate and streamline HR tasks, enabling organizations to focus on more strategic initiatives.

OrangeHRM offers the following features

Core HR

OrangeHRM provides organizations with a centralized HR database that contains all employee information. This includes personal details, employment history, benefits, and payroll information. The software allows organizations to manage employee data efficiently and generate reports quickly.


OrangeHRM simplifies the recruitment process by providing organizations with tools to manage job postings, resumes, and interviews. The software also includes applicant tracking and onboarding features that help organizations streamline the hiring process.

Performance Management

OrangeHRM enables organizations to set performance goals and track employee performance over time. The software includes tools for performance reviews, feedback, and goal setting.

Time and Attendance

OrangeHRM helps organizations manage employee attendance and time off requests. The software includes features for managing schedules, timesheets, and leave requests.


OrangeHRM provides employees with a self-service portal that enables them to manage their personal information, request time off, and view their benefits and payroll information.

Choosing the right HR management software is crucial for organizations looking to streamline HR tasks and improve efficiency. SaaS HR management software offers the advantage of lower costs and easy access, while web-based software provides organizations with more control over their data. OrangeHRM's HR software solutions offer a wide range of benefits for organizations of all sizes. With flexible deployment options, easy customization, enhanced security and compliance, and advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, OrangeHRM can help organizations save time and money and improve overall organizational performance. Book your FREE demo today!