The HR Dictionary

Job Description

A job description outlines the duties, responsibilities, tasks, and goals of a specific position within an organization. It describes who is responsible for performing a particular sort of work, how that work is to be accomplished, how frequently that work is required, and how it links to the mission and goals of the company.

How to Create a Job Description

A successful job description should contain the following.

  • Job title - An accurate job title is a must in any job description. It should clearly state the job that an individual is applying for.
  • Job overview - An overview of what the job looks like with most common tasks, projects, or assignments that need to be worked on.
  • Roles and responsibilities - A clear description of the job role and the responsibilities it entails with who the position reports to as well.
  • Salary details - A job description should include a clear picture of the salary range that the job entails.

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