Career Development

Give your employees the opportunity to develop.

Employees want to feel empowered by their employer. If an employee feels like their manager and the HR team are investing into their future, the employee’s loyalty will grow. Stop losing your top talent to other companies because your employees don’t see a career path developing.

9 Box Matrix

You need an easy way in seeing who your top performers are, who might be plateauing, and who might be leaving. With the 9 Box Matrix you will be able to see all of that. This will be a great starting point for you to help develop a career path for your employees.

9 Box Matrix

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Train your managers to sit down with their employees and create an IDP within the system. They will be able to create an individual track for that employee and connect this plan with their previous performance goals. This will give your employee the power they have been needing.

Individual Development Plan IDP

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