Request Desk

Manage all employee requests from the HR department conveniently.

Efficiently managing and processing requests and inquiries within an organization is essential for maintaining smooth operations and ensuring employee satisfaction. With OrangeHRM's Request Desk module, you can automate and streamline your request processing process, allowing you to effectively manage any type of request or inquiry with ease.

Centralized Platform for Request Tracking and Resolution

OrangeHRM Request Desk provides a centralized platform where you can track, monitor, and respond to requests, ensuring efficient and timely resolution. Whether it's an IT-related query, an HR department request, or any other type of inquiry, our system empowers you to handle them all from a single location.

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Manage Hiring Requisitions and Workflow Automation

Simplify your hiring process with OrangeHRM Request Desk. The module allows you to manage hiring requisitions seamlessly, automating the workflow and eliminating manual tasks. From initiating the hiring request to candidate shortlisting and approval workflows, our system ensures a streamlined and efficient process, saving you time and effort.

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Self-Resignation Request Management and Workflow Automation

OrangeHRM understands that employee departures are a natural part of any organization. With our Request Desk module, employees can submit self-resignation requests through the system, initiating a workflow that ensures proper documentation and a smooth transition. By automating the resignation request management, you can focus on providing the necessary support during this period of change.

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IT-related Query Management

Managing IT-related queries such as asset collection or procurement requests can be a time-consuming process. OrangeHRM Request Desk simplifies IT query management, providing a platform for employees to submit their requests and track their progress. From equipment requests to software installations, our system helps you manage IT inquiries efficiently, ensuring a quick resolution and minimizing downtime.

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HR Department Request Management

OrangeHRM Request Desk extends its capabilities to HR department requests, allowing employees to submit various inquiries related to job confirmation, salary confirmation, change of supervisor, general HR queries, payroll queries, and payslip queries. With our system in place, you can centralize these requests, streamline workflows, and ensure timely responses, enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement.

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Request Communication Management

Communication is key when it comes to managing requests. OrangeHRM Request Desk enables seamless communication between requesters and relevant stakeholders. You can easily communicate progress updates, seek additional information, or provide resolution details directly through the system. This ensures transparency and keeps all parties informed throughout the request lifecycle.

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Workflow Automation for Streamlined Operations

OrangeHRM Request Desk offers powerful workflow automation features to optimize your request management process. You can automate request routing based on predefined rules, ensuring requests reach the right person or department without manual intervention. Additionally, in case of absence, you can delegate the work to another team member, ensuring uninterrupted request processing.

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Reporting and Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is vital for any organization. OrangeHRM Request Desk generates comprehensive reports and analytics on request volume and response times. These insights help you identify bottlenecks, measure team performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and deliver better employee experiences.

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Simplify Approvals, Enhance Efficiency

Empower your supervisors and employees to streamline HR-related requests. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the process for requesting and approving promotions, reporting structure changes, and updates to personal or contact details all within one simple centralized location.

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